Executive Services

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Professional Speaking

We offer a variety of professional speaking services worldwide that cover topics such as: ‘Female Executives Caring for Aging Parents’, ‘S.O.S. for the Stuck in the Middle Generation’, ‘Balancing Work with Family’, ‘Success Principles’ and many other topics. Our services are available on land or sea to corporate groups, department workshops, and small to Fortune 500 businesses. They are designed to provide employees with strategies to stay productive and happy.
We’ll talk about balancing care for aging parents with work while still taking care of yourself. Don’t get burned out and give your all to everyone else while ignoring your needs. We’ll help to enhance your well-being while teaching you to make healthy choices. Our focus is on embracing vs.enduring life-changing issues like transitioning from a job, exiting Corporate America, staying in a corporate setting while achieving your next promotion and elevating your life’s overall happiness.

Corporate Training

Our corporate training packages provide a tailored training experience based on a pre-presentation survey. We will teach employees to become empowered and learn to thrive in difficult life and work situations. Assisting your employees with their issues adds value to every minute of their work.

Executive Coaching

The Happy Executive.com provides one on one and small group coaching services to identify pain points and help establish relationships with executives. If you feel unfulfilled in your job, we can help you get in touch with what matters most to you and increase your productivity and happiness. Before making the transition to business ownership, we were part of corporate America just like you. We understand that you may have major life changes you need to address and we’ll facilitate and empower you with the right tools and information to make good decisions for yourself.