Business Building Mastermind Launched!!!

Launching soon…The Billion Dollar Cyber Security Mastermind, The Millennial Mastermind and The Professor Mastermind.

Some of our world’s greatest luminaries in human history including Warren Buffett, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Benjamin Franklin, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone all credit mastermind groups as being the difference maker for their lifelong successful careers. By working together and cultivating the meeting of our minds, a higher level success will be achieved as part of a group vs. a solo practitioner approach which often leads to lonely times, many distractions and unfinished business.  

“For my career, in both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, masterminds have given me the edge on goal setting, accountability and networking. It’s about moving forward, not staying where we are today. . . Remember, status quo is out.”   

Victoria launched her very first mastermind group in 1989 when she was working at AT&T as an outside systems sales representative. Lots and lots of cold calls to businesses were required. Creating a group made the prospecting appear less daunting and calls became warmer. She learned that hearing no meant she was getting closer to a yes. She noticed that as the mastermind group members relationships developed, closing new business became a little easier for her and her members. During her tenure, $13.5 million dollars of revenue was tallied as a result of her group creation.


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Recently Published book(s) with Toria:

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2016 Quilly Awards Red Carpet

Victoria Lee Huff is an Executive Leadership Coach and business strategist.  Victoria and Team Happy will design a customized program for your event.

“I’m thrilled to be working on a new book project with William Hatch… It will be focusing on millennials and sales careers.”   ~Victoria Lee Huff

While her foray into the entrepreneurial world was anything but easy, she built a multiple award-winning private duty healthcare agency.  She also published several articles on a variety of topics.  In 2016, she joined her mentor, Jack Canfield, and several other authors to pen an Amazon award winning book, The Road to Success, Volume 2.  The book serves as a call to action to business owners and executives.


As a speaker, Victoria presents a no-nonsense approach to achieving health, wealth and happiness.  Her interactive workshops will prompt you to just do vs. think.  Any time spent with her can yield a life-altering ROI for you.

Victoria guides executives and small business owners with her compassionate ways of embracing every moment in our lives, instead of simply enduring because every phase of life is meant to be enjoyed.  She challenges audiences with thought provoking questions.  And, focuses on providing 1-3 action steps that audience members can choose to begin immediately.

Recently Victoria was inducted into the Forbes Coaches Council, a prestigious group of thought leaders.


Since 2014, she has been enrolled in the Executive Scholar Program at Northwestern University with a projected completion date in 2019.

Victoria was orphaned at birth and raised by loving parents in Wheeling, West Virginia.  This small town girl grew up in a traditional, modest and blue collar family. She cherishes her childhood days and enjoys carrying on many family traditions. Victoria is a proud advocate for both adoption and eldercare.  She is committed to giving back to our worldwide community by volunteering through several organizations with her children.

She is an avid runner, Xtreme workout fanatic, a black belt, a fairy tale believer and a single mom who enjoys spending time at home and traveling adventures with her two children and their four legged canine, Charlotte Rose.

Listen to her interview on Transformation to Success with Dr. Barbara Young


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